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restaurant renilde is situated on the sixth floor of the iconic depot boijmans van beuningen. famous in rotterdam for its beautiful exterior and spectacular interior, this building offers a panoramic view of the city from its rooftop terrace, where renilde is located.

during the day the restaurant is exclusively open for those visiting the depot. however, in the evening renilde is open to any food lovers who want to experience dinner with a view.


menu renilde
€ 152
6 courses, including cheese, aperitif, wine pairing, coffee/tea, and unlimited water
6-course dinner 
€ 87
5-course dinner 
€ 74
4-course dinner*
€ 64
*only available on thursday
wine pairing
€ 9
per glass
small wine pairing
€ 5
per glass
unlimited water
€ 3
per person
we work with fresh products and base the menu around the ingredients that arrive daily. as a result, the allergies and dietary requirements we can account for are very limited. please mention any allergies or requirements you may have while making your booking. we can only take into account the following allergies or dietary requirements : gluten, nuts, lactose.
in our kitchen we work with gluten, nuts and other allergens, therefore the risk of cross contamination is always present.
if you are in doubt or have any questions; please contact us through renilde@boijmans.nl.   
we cannot accommodate the request to eat completely sugar, salt, onion or garlic-free.
we do serve a completely vegetarian menu if requested beforehand.

every day is different

in the kitchen we cook with seasonal ingredients. each day the chef determines what will be prepared for our guests based on what our distributors bring in. the sommelier makes a daily pairing based on the selected dishes.

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take a look at our menu. you can also view the wine list to see which wines we serve by the glass.

the menu


opening hours

restaurant renilde is open for dinner from thursday through saturday. reservations can be made for a maximum of 8 people, between 18:15 and 20:30.


our guests can pay with pin or with credit card. please note, we do not accept american express.

booking a table

for dinner we serve carte blanche, therefore the chef selects what will be served daily, based on what has been supplied by our distributors. we serve a 5 or 6 course dinner on fridays and saturdays. on thursdays, we also give guests the option to enjoy a 4-course dinner. a (half) wine pairing can also optionally go alongside any number of courses. do you want to have the full experience? then go for menu renilde!

chef & sommelier

chef jim de jong works exclusively with seasonal products, preferably locally sourced. nature determines the dishes, therefore the menu changes daily. we work with a carte blanche menu, so you as the guest need only choose the number of courses you would like and leave the rest up to our experienced chef.

sommelier wendy persoon selects a wine pairing daily and has a preference for wines with minimal intervention. the wines are carefully selected from multiple suppliers, and only come from europe. other beverages served in renilde are preferably local or homemade.

the name renilde

renilde hammacher-van den brande was the curator at boijmans from 1962-1978. she laid the foundation for one of the most important museum collections of modern art in the netherlands. in addition to our rothko, renilde also bought work by dalí, magritte and man ray, among others. she also made major exhibitions in the museum, such as the legendary dalí exhibition in 1970, which was opened by the surrealist master himself. renilde hammacher passed away in 2014 at the age of 101.

host an event with a view

with the opening of depot boijmans van beuningen, rotterdam also has a new unique event location! across from restaurant renilde on the top floor of the building, you can find our event hall, coert. with a capacity of up to 150 people, this striking space can be used for diverse purposes. hall coert can also be rented in combination with renilde, granting guests the complete sixth floor of the depot.

are you interested in or curious about renilde or coert ? please contact us through evenementen@boijmans.nl or read more on this web page.